General Information



As per G. R., Edn. Dept., No. ADR-1870/100257, dated 24th April 1973 following merit Scholarships and Freeships are awarded:-
Scholarships:6 percent and
Freeships: 10 percent of the students in each class.
Rate of Scholarships: Rs. 25 per month for 1st year B.F.A. Class and Rs. 35 per month for the other classes.

As per G.R., E., and S.W.D., No. AED-1089/10155-Q, dated the 15th May 1970–18, stipends are granted at the rate of Rs. 75 per month to the students of the Diploma in Art Education Class.
There are several other merit scholarships, endowment scholarship prizes and freeships which are regularly awarded to students as per regulations. The Registrar of the Institute may be contacted for information.

Study Excursion

A study excursion of the selected students is arranged every year to the places of artistic and historical interest.

Hostel Accommodation

Bandra hostel is temporarily closed due to under construction. Female students who are in need of hostel accommodation should apply to the Superintendent, Savitribai Phule Hostel for Women Students, Netaji Subhash Road, Mumbai 400 004, in the prescribed Application Form, at the address given above.


The school has a rich library that contains a collection of reference books for students. Books are not allowed to be taken outside the premises of the Library.

High-tech Computer Lab

We have multiple computer labs for all departments spread across campus equipped with Mac's and PCs, as well as a Graphic suite of software. Here students can access the internet and help with assignments, presentations, reports, projects, etc...

Extra-Curricular Activities

Kaladeep - Students' Organisation of Institute conducts cultural activities, sports, etc. This organisation should not interfere with the administration of this Institute and its educational curriculum.