Kaladeep is the cultural body of Sir J.J. School of arts which takes care of all the activities, annual cultural program as also the intermingling of sister arts along with visual. It publishes ‘Roopbheda’ the annual catalogue and yearly magazine with epistemological research and writings of faculty and students from the institute.

Kaladeep was established in 1956, as the also the publication of first Roopbheda, under the deanship of Shri Gondhalekar. The first president of Kaladeep was Shri R.D. Dhopeshwarkar. Kaladeep firmly believes that even for the specialization of the painterly craft or modelling, an artist should have an integrated personality rich with assimilation of sister arts such as music, dance, drama and poetry. With this view in mind students are continually encouraged to participate in cultural activities like folk dance, inter-collegiate drama competitions.

Since its establishment, Kaladeep has been associated with bringing maestros of music and dance like Ustad Abdul Halim, Kishori Amonkar, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi to arrange their performances in the campus such as to develop the higher tastes of the artists. Till date Kaladeep collaborates with foundations like Spic Macay to arrange classical dance and music programs.

Kaladeep also undertakes the organisation of monsoon and long tours every year, the sketch club and the film club in college. The first show was arranged by the sketch club and film committee in 1976, wherein excellent documentaries and art films were showcased and continue to be showcased. The Kaladeep is an active committee in the college and Roopbheda continues its legacy of giving space to the accomplished students of each academic year and publishing scholarly articles and documenting history.