Diploma Courses

Art Teacher Diploma (A.T.D.)

To enable the Art Teacher to exert leadership in programme developments in Art for Primary and Secondary Schools to make him sufficiently grounded in both theory and practical subject and professed of the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching the subject in an integrated manner. To enable him to contrive and use variety of effective teaching and learning procedures. He should be complete and willing to experiment with approved and new methods of presenting art experience to children.To enable him to recognize individual needs of students and create teaching and learning situations based on individual needs. He should be skill full in recognizing and fostering creative talent in pupils.

A.T.D. First Year

  • Fundamentals of Art
  • Drawing -Memory / Imaginative
  • Object Drawing (Manmade / Natural)
  • Projection Drawing-Perspective
  • Colour-Theory & Practical
  • 2D Design & Print Making
  • Work Experience: A - Clay, B - Paper & Cardboard work
  • History of Art (Indian) Part-I
  • Theory of Education and Child Art.
  • Art Expression -(Dance, Drama & Music)

A.T.D. Second Year

Practicals Drawing

  • Human, Natural or Manmade Objects
  • Memory/Imaginary Drawing
  • Perspective
  • Still Life : Creative/Realistic
  • 2-D Design : Composition & Print Making
  • Work Experience:
    1. Doll Making & Toys
    2. Screen Printing


  • Art Expression (Teaching Methods)
    Art (Drawing-sculpture,Dance-Drama & Music) integrated teaching
  • History of Art (Indian) Part-ll
  • Theory of Education Part-ll
  • Black Board Drawing/Writing
  • Project Work: Based on any Art Form (Drawing, Sculpture, Architecture, Folk Art, Indian Art) with following Points
    1. Place - Period
    2. Artistic Importance
    3. Remarks

Teaching Lessons: (Must be arranged in classes I Std. to VIII only.)

  1. Art - 5 Lessons.
  2. Work Experience-4 Lessons
  3. Knowledge-1 Lesson (At least 2 Lessons of Art should be held in Std. I to IV.)