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Members of Faculty

Department of Drawing & Painting

No. Name Designation Education
1 Vacant Professor  
2 Vacant Professor  
3 Vacant Professor  
4 Vacant Professor  
5 Anant S. Nikam Lecturer-Dept. In charge G.D. Art (Ptg), Dip-A-Ed
6 Douglas M. John Lecturer B.F.A. (Painting) M.F.A. Painting (By research)
7 Vivek Lad Lecturer B.F.A.(Painting), Dip - A-Ed
8 Mogglan B. Shravasti Lecturer ATD, G.D. Art (Ptg), Dip-A-Ed, M.F.A. Painting (By research)
9 Shashikant S. Kakade Lecturer G.D. Art (Ptg), Dip-A-Ed, M.F.A. Painting (By research)
10 Seema A. Gondane Lecturer B.F.A. (Painting), M.F.A. (Painting)
11 Dr. Shashikant Gorkhe Ad-Hoc Lecturer B.F.A. (Painting), MFA (Painting), Dip-A-Ed
12 Vijay G. Sakpal Ad-Hoc Lecturer B.F.A., M.F.A. (Painting)
13 Prakash H. Sonawane Contract Lecturer ATD, BFA, Dip-A-Ed, M.F.A. (Painting)
14 Vijay V. Bondar Contract Lecturer B.F.A., M.F.A. (Painting)
15 Shardul S. Kadam Contract Lecturer B.F.A., M.F.A. (Painting)
16 Shailesh Dudhalkar Contract Lecturer B.F.A., M.F.A. (Painting)
17 Vacant Lecturer  
18 Vacant Lecturer  
19 Vacant Lecturer  
20 Vacant Lecturer  
History of Arts
21 Dr. Manisha P. Patil Professor B.F.A. (Painting), M.A. (Fine Art History), Ph.D
22 Praful P. Satokar Contract Lecturer B.F.A., M.F.A. (Painting)
23 Vacant Lecturer  

Department of Sculpture and Modelling

No. Name Designation Education
1 Vacant Professor  
2 Madhukar K. Wanjari Ad-Hoc Lecturer-Dept. In charge B.F.A. (Sculpture)
3 Nitin N. Mestry Ad-Hoc Lecturer G.D. Art (Sculpture), G.D. Art (Metal), Dip-A-Ed
4 Vacant Lecturer   
5 Shashank B. Mhashilkar Contract Lecturer B.F.A. (Sculture)
6 Vacant Foreman  
7 Prashant V. Ipte Fondry Asstt. G.D Art Scul. & Modeling

Department of Art & Craft

No Name Designation Education
1 Vacant Professor  
2 Suchitra Raut  Lecturer B.F.A. (Textile Design)
3 Abhijit B. Salunkhe Contract Lecturer B.F.A. (Metal Work)
4 Shrikant T. Khairnar Contract Lecturer B.F.A. (Metal Work)
5 Yashawant B. Bhavsar Contract Lecturer B.F.A. ( Metal Work), ATD
6 Vacant Lecturer  
7 Vacant Lecturer  
8 Vacant Lecturer  
9 Vacant Lecturer  
10 Vacant Lecturer  
11 Vacant Lecturer  
12 Vacant Technical Asstt.  
13 Rishiraj B. Matkar Technical Asstt. G.D. Art (ceramics & Pottery) G.D Art Scul. & Modeling
14 Vacant Gas-cum-Elec.Welder  
15 Vacant Potter-cum-Attendant  

Department of Art Teacher Training

No. Name Designation Education
1 Dr. Ganesh L. Tartare Professor-Dept. In charge G.D. Art(Ptg), Dip-A-Ed, M.F.A. Painting (By research)
2 Madhukar V. Munde Lecturer G.D. Art (Ptg), Dip-A-Ed, ATD
3 Smita N. Kinkale Lecturer B.F.A. (Ptg), Dip-A-Ed
4 Rajendra A. Patil Ad-Hoc Lecturer G.D. Art (Ptg),Dip-A-Ed, ATD, M.A
5 Maruti Shelke Ad-Hoc Lecturer G.D. Art (Ptg),Dip-A-Ed, ATD, M.F.A.

Office Staff

No. Name Designation Education
1 Alka Chavan Registrar B.A. MSCIT
2 Vinod Sawat Head Clerk B.Com, MSCIT
3 Jaydeep More Sr. Clerk  
4 Vacant Sr. Clerk  
5 Vacant Noting Assistant  
6 Priti Borkar Clerk Cum Typist BA, MSCIT, DTP, Typing _Eng, Mar, Hin,
7 Swapnil Talekar Clerk Cum Typist B. Com, MSCIT
8 Vacant Clerk Cum Typist  
9 Ravindra M. Zankar Librarian B.A., B. L. & Inf. Sci., Dip in Jrl., MSCIT
10 Vacant Asst.  Librarian  
11 Vacant Steno